The inaró company is dedicated to providing strategies accompanied with products and an app that will improve a person's executive functions. With inaró, the customer may purchase organizational supplies and subscribe to an app service to keep track of their progress in learning organizational skills.
Catalog Component

App Component

This class assignment asked students to create a catalog and app design centered around an object of personal interest. I selected organizational materials as I rely on these objects to structure my everyday life; if it were not for materials such as planners, sticky notes, and folders, I do not believe I could function efficiently in maintaining multiple responsibilities. My challenge was to create a fictional company unlike any other that sold organizational supplies while making a practical connection between the catalog and app.
As people mature and become adults, they may be faced with multiple responsibilities that can be nearly impossible to keep track of mentally. People are overwhelmed with these responsibilities and have a difficult time organizing their tasks. Lack of organization can have minor to severe consequences depending on the task failed. One can just go out and buy a planner, sticky notes, calendars, and other materials, but what is it that makes them use it efficiently and consistently for planning? People may need guidance in organization. The objective of this company is to make organization efficient and fun for those who struggle with this skill.
Inaró will test users on their organizational skills based on beginner, intermediate, and advanced level structures. According to their level, inaró will recommend specific packages of organizational material or individual items to purchase on its catalog and app. Each item may be registered on the inaró app, which will help the user keep track of their item usage based on inputted preferences.
The audience includes teenagers and adults (about 15+) from the general public that become overwhelmed with responsibilities and have a difficult time keeping track of their tasks. They have experienced negative consequences because of their failure to stay organized. Many of these people may feel they cannot find direct resources online that would help them most effectively with organization. The branding of inaró should help them feel the following:
     •  Confident that no responsibility will be missed
     •  Determined in their time management skills
     •  Inspired to keep track of their tasks as they continue to use the product/service
     •  Comfortable with taking on responsibilities
     •  Prepared with skills they may use to complete tasks
The audience will believe in us because our product/service provides an interactive method of keeping track of tasks. This support enforces the efficiency of the product.
This fictional company's branding was directly inspired from the tongue-in-cheeck figure of speech of having one's ducks in a row (implying the person has their responsibilities organized). The name, inaró, is purposefully spelled to phonetically sound like this expression.
As the primary purpose of the company is to resolve organizational skill complications, the tone of the brand is focused, determined, engaging, clean, simple, and contemporary. The company promotes a joyful and interactive alternative to learning these skills, so the branding utilizes vibrant colors and fun graphic elements.

Final typography and palette utilized for the inaró visual system.

Custom duck tracks Illustrator brush.

Custom icons of organizational products sold by the company (unfortunately, excluding the duck).

The most effective way of displaying the company products and level packages was through overhead photography. I meticulously arranged the products to relate with each package level in terms of desk organization (“Sitting Duck” being the most disorganized while “Productive” being the most organized). Layered sheets of construction paper formed the ground. Editing included matching the products and ground to the brand palette and adding to or rearranging the mess of each photo. I also snuck in some duck sketches seen on the final photographic spreads of the catalog.
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